Gazette Notification of DGAD
Notification for revised specification for jute bags
Group A & Group B schedule for Gazetted & Non Gazetted Posts
Application for the post of Assistant Director for transfer on deputation basis
Filling up the 3(three) posts of Assistant Director Supply
Engagement of Law Officer on contractual basis
Inspection Circular
Circular for Admission DJFT - PGDJTM
Circular for Admission in JLS Course under ISDS Project
Recruitment Of Executives In Personnel & Administration, Finance And Marketing Disciplines in JCI
Extension of last date of submission of R&D projects
Invitation for Project Proposals under R&D Scheme 14th July 2016
Engagement of Legal Advisor / Law Officer
Engagement of Inspectors
Extension of date for application to the posts of Legal Advisor / law officer
Information regarding monthly capacity of BTwill jute bags
Last date for submission of R&D projects
Important notice to all jute mills
Notification for Registration of Raw Jute Traders and submission of fortnightly Raw Jute stock position
Fixation of stock limits and capping of B-Twill price
Allocation of PCO for the supply of 580gms BTwill Jute Bags 50Kg with effect from 1st December , 2015
Stock limit of Raw Jute
Raw Jute Stock Control Order as on 07-12-2015
Raw Jute Stock Limit for Mills
Submission of Documents against purchase of Raw Jute
Information on arrival of raw jute
Information on arrival of raw jute
Order for Stock limits of raw jute for Traders and Dealers
Promulgation of the Jute and Jute Textiles Control Order, 2016
Corrigendum for Order dated 09-02-2016
Order for Raw Jute Stock limit of Raw Jute Traders
Order for Raw Jute Stock limit of all Jute Mills
Declaration of MSP for Raw Jute & Mesta for 2016-17
Ready stock of BTwill jute bags(580 gms) on Govt. A/c
Circular to all raw jute Traders/Dealers/Agencies
Request for Proposal
Raw Jute Stock control for Mills
Raw Jute Stock control for Traders/Dealers
Raw Jute Stock control Order for Traders/Dealers/Agencies
Weekly stock position of Raw Jute
Minutes of the Meeting with Jute Industry on Falling price of Raw Jute
Priority in supply of Chhattisgarh indents
Priority in supply of jute bags on a/c of Madhya Pradesh
Ammendment of ammendment letter dated 29-12-16
Important letter regarding PCSO dated : 25-12-2016
Priority in supply of jute bags on a/cs of Chhattisgarh & Odisha
Circular of Swachcha Bharat Mission
Circular for All Jute Mills
List of Registered Raw Jute Traders
Form of Undertaking submitted by The Jute Mills by 31st May 2017
Revised despatch plan for UP Indent
Appointment of System Administrator/Assistant System Administrator
Supply of backlog quantity of B-Twill jute bags
Regarding despatch of UP indent
Submission of documents/contracts ofjute goods other than Govt. A/c.
Submission of copies of RG-1 and Invoices
Printing and Identification marking for jute bags produced for other than Govt.
Notification of Import of Jute Goods
Linkage of raw jute with PCSO issued in the month of February, 2017
Revised letter dated 10-02-17 of Linkage of raw jute with PCSO issued in the month of February, 2017
Linkage of raw jute with PCSO issued in the month of February, 2017
Sacking requisition Order to all Mills
Printing Instruction for Odisha
Printing Instruction for Telangana
Printing Instruction for Chhattisgarh
Printing Instruction for Haryana
Printing Instruction for Punjab
Printing Instruction for Bihar State FCSC Ltd.
Printing Instruction for Madhya Pradesh
Printing Instruction for FCI
Printing Instruction of U.P.
Costing / Pricing
Price of B-Twill sacking for February onwards
MOT Letter on - Price of Jute Bag/Raw Jute Dated 14-01-2016
Price of B-Twill sacking for January onwards
Appointment of CA Firm in Office of the Jute Commissioner
Tender for Appointment of CA or Cost Firm in O/o Jute Commissioner (01-09-16)
UPI App and Digital Payment Transformation(IJMA & All Jute Mills)
Urgent Notice for Submission of Statistics for 2015 Calendar Year
Urgent notice for selective Jute Mills
Extension of Date for Outsourcing of Services of Data Entry Operator
Outsourcing of Services of Data Entry Operator
Urgent notice for all Jute Mills
Urgent Notice for defaulting Mills